Not My Story, But God’s

This is my testimony. Now, most of you have not heard it, so this will be your first time. I’m sorry I never told you this face-to-face. Please understand, for the longest time, I couldn’t. It was just too…painful, awkward, embarrassing, humiliating. Over the years of me being here at Carthage, I’ve learned something. While I’m the one living it, this is not my story. It’s God’s. It would be a dishonor to Him to not be upfront with all of you about the beautiful work He has been doing in me. I shared my story for the first time in front o f a large group last month. It wasn’t easy, however, God helped me through. In the video I have a disclaimer. Please read it before watching. Thanks, everyone!


Okay, so, here’s the disclaimer part.

DISCLAIMER: for those of you who do not know, self injury is not attempted suicide. Self injury is a way of coping with or letting out emotional pain. It’s not about trying to kill oneself. It’s not about being into pain. It’s about trying to find a way out, because you can feel so entrapped by your own life circumstances, that the light at the end of the tunnel is almost non-existant. People who self injure don’t need your judgements. They need someone to listen, they need someone to care. They need a reminder that hope is real, and above all they need to know that they are loved.

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