IVLI Week 2 & 3

The second half of week 2 was on evangelism. We talked about ways in which we can do evangelism not only in an individual sense but in a communal sense as well. We talked about the possibilities of doing a Bible study with friends who aren’t Christians in order to have more personal conversations with them about God and provide a way for them to learn more in a way that’s less intimidating and more able to meet them where they’re at in their own search for God. We talked about what evangelism looked like in our chapters and ways in which we could motivate our Christian communities to be more missional. We then spent the next few days preparing to do evangelism for an entire day at Mackinac Island (a place that was a ferry ride away from Cedarville. We went to Mackinac on Monday, the first day of week three.). In preparation for this day, we each signed up for one of four categories and were put into sets that were a combination of each: preaching, testimony, worship, and PFA (performing fine arts). Each set throughout the day had a different job with each rotation. In rotation one, there was a group on the hill going through the various elements. While they were on the hill another group was out in the crowd talking to people that were nearby and who had stopped to listen as the IVLI people spoke, played, painted, etc. Simultaneously another group was out in the streets asking people if they had a moment to talk about God and spirituality. Naturally, there were a lot of people who were hesitant to talk with us, but there were also many people that stopped to chat with us. Some people even came back to the hill we were at to watch people perform/listen to the testimonies of students they had had conversations with. J I was able to have some interesting conversations with people, some of which were very wary of talking about God. But I was very grateful for the experience. I didn’t get to share the Gospel with anyone, but I had a good time regardless. I was in the third set to be on the hill for the PFA group. In this group we had one artist and seven people doing poetry. We had ten minutes on the hill to perform a spoken word poem that we’d written together about the Prodigal Son (Luke 15). While we spoke, our artist painted a picture of an empty, dark heart. When we got to the point in the story where the son comes home and is redeemed, she painted light purple, green, and white in the heart to signify new life and restoration rushing in. It looked beautiful. After we finished our set on the hill, we rotated with the group that was at the very top of the hill to pray over everything (the people walking by, the students in the street, the students on the hill and the conversations people were able to have). After we had gone through each set (there were four total) we ate dinner, debriefed in the church that we were partnering with for the day, and then we walked around Mackinac Island for a few hours to have some free time. I spent about half of it with my sister, Ryn, talking about how the two of us were doing in light of the day and in light of our evangelism day being the start of week three. We had a good talk the two of us. I greatly enjoyed having her as my roommate and in my family group. 🙂
I’ll attach a video of us performing our Prodigal Son piece and Alexi painting. 🙂

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