If Money Was No Object…

We’ve all heard this question before-If money was no object what would you do for a living? Some people say be a professional basketball player, others a writer, some a teacher and still others a musician. Me? Full time ministry. It is my deepest desire (one of my deepest desires) to do full time ministry. Preferably with trafficked women and children. Preferably in Japan and here at home. I was thinking about this question tonight, and I realized something. (Or rather thought deeply on it and thought it’d make a good blog post) This isn’t just some pipe dream of mine. It’s a passion. It’s something that is burning on the inside of me-a fire that can’t be put out with a thousand fire hoses. And it’s not going away. I’m not interested in doing this because it’s God central and therefore the only thing worth doing. I believe there is nothing less noble than this. I’m not interested in doing this because I think it would be fun. I want to do this because I honestly believe that this is what I was made for. Nothing else fills me more than the heartache, frustrations, joys, challenges and just about everything else that comes with being involved with a ministry. I was a part of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship for four years. I made a lot of mistakes in that time. I’ve also grown in ways I know I never would have without being involved in it. I’ll be honest. I have been frustrated, annoyed, burned out, ready to quit, and ready to bite someone’s head off. But I do not regret any of it. In fact, I miss it. I miss making that impossible connection with people. I miss telling groups of people that Jesus is real and that He is a healer. I miss helping people realize that they are not alone in their struggles. (And yes, I know that one does not need to be in full time ministry in order to do these things.) I fell in love with helping people discover God. And yes, I know I was not successful on every level. In many ways I never will be. I know I cannot help everyone. I know that I’ll have to keep reminding myself that Jesus is the one who saves. I know there will be risks and complications involved. I know that there will be challenges that I do not like and obstacles I don’t yet know about or can foresee. I know all that. But I also know that at the end of the day it is worth it. I have been a barista, and a quesodilla (sp?) cooker, and a Panera worker and a bus girl. I’ve enjoyed each of these jobs, I really have. But my heart is set on being involved in full time ministry. Nothing else but that. 

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