When you are passionate about something, it is not merely something that you care about. It is something that strikes you to the very core of your being. It is something that strikes you in the pit of who you are. When you are passionate about something, seeing it decimated causes cracks to form in your heart. Sometimes you get a mixture of white hot fury, sadness, and even joy. You become angry when people tell you to “chill out” or when they call your something “less than,” “not important,” or “not that big of a deal.” You can feel sadness and even pity because of those around you who cannot see its value, and deep down inside you cannot shake the thought that they are missing out. When you feel joy it can be because either you see other people around you start to get ahold of the untamed fire that’s been raging in your belly, or you start to see positive change happening in that thing you love so dearly. Passion is so powerful, because even if the emotions fade, you still hold the convictions of your thing, whatever it may be in the forefront of your mind and in the marrow of your bones. Even after the sun has gone down your mind will not let you stray from that conviction that holds you so tightly to what it is you do. Passion goes far beyond caring about something. You can care about something and not have a passion for it. E.g. I care about the fact that our education system in many ways fails its students. But I am not passionate about it. You don’t find me at the rally of every PTA meeting. You don’t find me in the classrooms teaching, to try to make a difference that way because that is not where my passion lies. Passion is like love. You don’t do it for the feelings; you’re not in it for the untamed fire. You do it because life without it isn’t much of a life. You do it because you’re driven to like a compulsion. You do it because it is your obsession in the core of your heart, and in the depths of your soul and mind. Passion is what pushes us forward despite the doubts and questions and fears.

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