Recovery From Perfectionism

Perfectionism says you’ll never, ever be good enough no matter how hard you try, but you should keep trying cuz why would you willingly accept less than perfect? Less than perfect is not THE BEST and you have to get THE BEST even though no one can. Yet you think you can. So when you can never get there, you start to get down on yourself. You start to feel worthless. You start to feel like you will never be good enough for yourself, for others. You start to feel like a failure even when you’ve done a kick butt job. Others around you will tell you to stop being so hard on yourself. But they don’t get it. They don’t understand. YOU NEED TO BE PERFECT!!!!! It’s engraved in your thinking you can’t just stop! No, it’s never that easy; never that simple; it’s always a process. It’s a process we need to start. Cuz if we don’t, we’ll stay in that pit of worthlessness and depression. We’ll stay in that feeling of thinking “we’re never good enough” or “we’re never enough, period.” If we don’t start, we’ll continue to miss the numerous successes that we’ve had and will have in life because we counted them as failures when they didn’t live up to an impossible or downright ridiculous standard. (Notice the words IMPOSSIBLE/RIDICULOUS STANDARD.) What if we replaced the word impossible with realistic? What if we stopped agonizing, obsessing and cringing at every single mistake? What if we started accepting our flaws and shortcomings? What if we started celebrating at bringing home an A or B instead of crying because it wasn’t an A+? Isn’t it better to love yourself for being human than hating yourself for not being God? 
(Thoughts from a recovering perfectionist. Do with them what you will.)

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