Dance-The Secret Place

As some of you know, I often find myself dancing when I am in church. I started praise dancing when I was young-perhaps about ten. It is something that I stopped doing for a while, and then when I got to college going to a charismatic church in Kenosha it has been drawn out of me more. A friend once asked me what goes through my mind when I dance. Another friend has asked me why I dance. I often hear people say that dancing is fun. And it is very true. When I have been really stressed or not doing well, often times dancing makes me feel all the more better. But that is not why I get up and dance on Sunday mornings. For me, it’s so much more. It’s a way of praying, but at the same time it’s beyond that as well. When I dance, I hate that there are people watching me. I really do. Granted, I have never enjoyed such attention. Recently, a friend of mine wrote a song called, Secret Place. It’s about finding that one place of intimacy with God that is a place for just you and Him. In a lot of ways, that is what dancing is for me. It’s about being in that secret place with God where no one else is. It’s about declaring a love for Him that goes beyond my words. It’s about ushering in His presence in a way that I cannot express with lyrics. It is a psalm in itself; it is a most intimate prayer. It is where my heart and soul find the most freedom. It is where I can bring every care, every petition, every need into the throne room of God. It is where every fear I have and once had is faced, conquered, and melted away. It is where I am born; it is where I die. It is a language I long to learn; one that I long to teach others. This may seem overly romanticized, but this is what dancing is for me. It is my secret place. It is my loudest declaration. And I hope that someday, dear friend, that you will join me in finding your secret place and dancing before the Lord. 

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